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Action Movies- Thrill and Adventure Unlimited

Author: Adam Jaylin
Movies are one of the most invigorating and magnificent sources of entertainment. Cinema is a great means to experience the larger than life grandeur and unimaginable moments which we can seldom feel in our real lives. Whenever one gets bored then the movies are the best companion. It’s the finest method to amuse and entertain oneself with sheer delight. The young and the old, everybody is enticed by the movies. The films come in various genres catering to different tastes of the audiences. You would find mellowed and heart touching romantic stories, interesting science fiction, super natural fantasy movies and wonderful movies with social relevance. Everyone watches the movies that match their interest and preferences. While teenagers love romantic movies they also admire the high spirited and thriller packed action movies. The Action Movies are full of adventure and extravaganza. The best part of these movies is that they have wonderful & awe-inspiring moments that give spine-chilling experience to the users. There are various characters like Spiderman, Men-in-Black etc who have entertained the viewers with high adrenaline action.

The youths specially admire the thrilling movies with amazing stunts and thrilling actions. If you feel bored by watching the same run on the mill stories that are overloaded with melodrama and the voluptuous characters that seem to be weary and lackluster, then try watching the awesome action packed thriller movies. The adventurous young generation love to watch the movies that have high speed action with amazing stunts and fight sequences that have loads of action and thrill.

There have been a number of illustrative movies that have won great accolades and immense commends by both the critics and the viewers. The Matrix is one such movie that has depicted the wonderful fight sequences in an exceptionally unique manner. This movie has wonderful characters and amazing style which has been lately copied in a number of movies and tele-series later across the world. The movie has won many awards and recognitions world wide. It has also grabbed the prestigious Academy award for the best sound, best editing, and best visual effects. This movie showcased wonderful plots and awesome scenes that have become ageless marvels for the cinema.

Another action packed film that received more than ten academy award nominations and grabbed seven out of them is the Lawrence of Arabia. It got awards for the best film, best music and best director etc. David Leans directed this awesome movie that had superb drama sequences packed with action, scintillating cast and wonderful story line. The film had some of the finest performances of cinema with the breathtaking plots and mesmerizing scenes. The story of a British lieutenant really touched hearts of the viewers.

The Star Wars Trilogy is another magnificent film that has been immensely successful. It had some awe-inspiring moments filled with great special effects and wonderful graphics. The movie was extremely wonderful and won many recognitions and rewards worldwide. The movie has wonderful characters like Captain Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and princess Leia.

Another movie that is considered as one of the most popular action movies is The Lord of the Rings. This movie showcases the adventures and perils of the unrealistic world where amazing characters and dangerous situations create moments of awe and shock. The film has some of the best performances and astounding star cast. Created with a whopping $ 280 million budget, this movie is a fantastic work of art. The movie lovers consider this film as the most awe-inspiring and scintillating films of all times.

The films which are based on the backdrop of the New York City include Morning Glory, The French Connection, Falling in Love etc. These movies also depict great action sequences. The 300 is an impeccable piece of work in terms of wonderful action and astounding special effects. This film is really worth watching time and again. It is based in the much popular novel by Frank Miller.

Users can easily find the latest action movies on the various online portals at amazing costs.

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Movies That Teach You About Love

Author: Victor Epand
Time and time again romantic movies have recreated the magic of human emotions. And especially some films had made a deep impact on the viewers all over the world. Not only the classic movies but also some recent movies have many a time taught us about love. Different relationships, different emotions and even the strangest of characters have been portrayed in films now and then. Some of these characters have managed to stay with us creating an eternal impact on our minds, while some have failed to bring about that magical aura of love.

In this article we will be discussing some of the contemporary movies, which give a different dimension, and definition to love.

The first film, which comes to the mind, is a film titled 'Sweet November'. It is the story about an ailing girl who is predicted to die from cancer in the month of November. So without giving up on the life that she loves so dearly, she decides to live the existing life as happily as she can. And then she meets this young man who is frustrated with life. He had to leave his job he loved so much and now he does not know what to do with his life. Charlize Theron plays the character of the ailing girl and the Keanu Reeves played the young man. It is a nice story, which teaches us to love life and makes the best out of any circumstances. The man, who did not know what life is, gradually falls in love with this ailing girl and feels the bond of relationships and love for the first time in his life. A great story nicely told and with a good moral, making the film really special.

The second movie that teaches you about love has got to be the romantic 'Walk in the Clouds'. It is a nicely told romantic movie. The main character played by Keanu Reeves, Anthony Quinn and other French actors. It is the story of a girl who is coming back to her village and wants to bring her fiance along. But her actual fiance never turns up at the right time. The girl now takes the help of a fellow traveler who willingly becomes her fiance for a fortnight. When they reach the village, the warmth of the traditional yet simple greeting of the folks mesmerizes them. The two strangers gradually fall in love with each other. The film has shown a nice bond between two strangers, which slowly grows into love. The relationship that grew between two strangers makes us believe that bond that binds two people can make miracles happen.

The third movie that teaches you about love is 'Pretty Woman'. It is a very commercial movie, but with a great star casting. This movie has been watched by millions of moviegoers. It remains till date one of the best-liked movies. Julia Roberts introduces herself in this movie and looks ravishing along with Richard Gere. The story is quite simple. A call girl meets a rich guy and then the story begins. The ending of the story is quite fascinating when Vivian decides to pursue her studies again. This teaches us that love can make life better for anyone. It gives you a positive attitude towards life which we sometime lack. It also teaches that it is never too late to start anything new, even if it means starting all over again.

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Shooting Crime Movies

Author: Sid Kali
When I set out to make CONSIGNMENT a gripping urban feature that delivers a powerful story. I heard all the cautionary tales about how some movies die horrible deaths at different stages of production. Some before they got off the ground, others fall apart during shooting, and some never make it out of post-production. Nobody sets out to a make a movie and fail.

I listened to the stories of those who went down the independent film road before me to prepare for what was to come. Those with unchecked ego never take advantage of the advice of others. Try not to let a problem ego get between you and making your film. During shooting you will learn humility by the very nature of the filmmaking grind.

Making a movie is not for everyone. It may sound fun and somewhat glamorous in the beginning, but those feelings quickly fade as the amount of work seems to get overwhelming before you even begin to shoot. After a few production meetings and cast rehearsals, some people will drop out of the movie when it becomes clear the time and energy involved. Others will drop out because they landed a bigger part, higher paying gig, or realized your movie was not for them.

That has to be expected. Be prepared to replace cast and crew before you need to. I keep lists four deep for roles and crew positions. It’s not a guarantee to avoid problems considering I had to re-cast one role five times and let two crew members go during CONSIGNMENT, but it helps to have those lists when in a pinch. Or bring on a solid unit production manager with contacts to crew that they work with often and have chemistry with. I was able to hire Cameron Penn (hire this guy, he's great) for In With Thieves and he handled many of the problems that came up on set. If you have a weak UPM you would have to handle many more of the problems as the filmmaker you might not have to.

On an independent movie shoot, everyone pitches in everywhere. You will have zero time to play hotshot filmmaker. Be sure to check your ego when making a movie. If you expect to sit back while your crew busts their humps and not get your hands dirty you are headed for trouble. Your crew works with you, not for you is they way I see it. I was blessed with two of the best film crews you could get on Consignment and In With Thieves.

When time is against you, which it always will be, shoot what you need to finish the movie. Sure, you want to get that amazing magic hour shot or set up the cool dolly shot. Sometimes you have to choose where to take your creative stand to see your movie get in the can.

Avoid using the phrase, “we’ll fix it in post”, chances are you won’t. Attack shooting like nothing can be fixed in post. Get the best sound and picture you can on the set. You will have enough problems in post to deal with besides your “we’ll fix it in post” calls.

Post-production claims the most victims of movie fatalities I have heard of.

Never under estimate what it’s going to cost you to get through post-production. Running out of money seems to be the most common curse. I know one filmmaker personally that had a $100,000 budget to make their movie. They kept dipping into the post-production funds during shooting to rent really cool equipment they hadn’t planned on. Hey, the dailies looked awesome.

Problem is it’s been 3 years and they still haven’t raised the money to finish the movie. People don’t rent or buy dailies. Getting a movie shot is one thing, getting it done another thing all together. I was fortunate that I was able to complete the feature films Consignment & In With Thieves.

Good shooting. Remember if you learn from a mistake making a movie it's no longer a mistake. Also when you can please support independent film by visiting websites of filmmakers, buying their films, and being open minded to the content.

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Slice of Americana Films writer and director Sid Kali has produced two powerful full-length feature films CONSIGNMENT and IN WITH THIEVES.A Sid Kali film is known for it's provocative characters, authentic dialogue, and fast-paced action.
Consignment a Sid Kali film
Sid Kali website
In With Thieves a Sid Kali film

Tips to Help You Download Movies

Author: Cory Blanchette
If you are a movie fan who loves to have the hottest Hollywood films as soon as they are released, then you should download movies online. With movie download websites, you can download movies and keep them on your computer. Many times, you can even burn them onto a DVD so you can watch the latest movies whenever and wherever you please.

The benefits of websites allowing you to download movies are numerous. It's simple, too. All you need is a computer, Internet connection, and a movie download website membership to download movies right into your computer.

Movie download websites differ in several ways, including price, catalog of movies available, download speed, and membership requirements. The following tips will help you download movies to enjoy.

High-Speed Internet Connection - A high-speed Internet connection allows you to make the best use of a website when you download movies. Full-length movie files are large and a high-speed Internet connection will download movies fast.

Free Space on Your Hard Drive - Make sure you have plenty of free space on your computer's hard drive before you download movies. This will ensure you do not have problems saving a large movie file to your computer.

Set Up a Storage System - Set up a storage system on your computer before you download movies into your new movie library. Most people prefer to store movies on their computer alphabetically by the title of the movie. Some people save movies alphabetically by category, genre of movie, director, star, or even by the year of release.

Check for Trial Versions or Money Back Guarantees - Some movie download websites have free trial versions so you can try it before you sign up. Other movie download websites offer a thirty-day money back guarantee. Trying before you buy makes it easy to find the perfect website to download movies.

Look for a Huge Catalog of Titles - A movie download website with a huge catalog of titles allows you to download movies of a wide variety. Websites with a lot of movies offer you more bang for your buck.

Read the Terms and Conditions - Be sure you thoroughly read the policies of the website where you plan to download movies. Most movie download websites have certain policies about sharing movies. Movie download websites do not usually allow movies to be shared through file sharing websites. In fact, some movie download websites are so concerned about file sharing that they block you from copying or burning your download movies onto a DVD. Take the time to read the movie download website's policies so you will know if you can share or burn the movies you download.

If you keep these tips in mind when you download movies, you will fully enjoy your movie download website. You will also save money if you download movies instead of buying DVDs or heading out to the local movie theatre for pricey tickets. Sit back and download movies for an evening of fun with family and friends!

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Free Movie Download Full Length Movies Anytime

Author: Cory Blanchette
Thanks to the Internet, people can now watch an unlimited number of satellite television channels right on their computer screen with a membership subscription. The only drawback to Internet satellite television is that many people prefer to handpick movies instead of waiting for their favorite movie to come on television. The Internet has come to the rescue to entertain those movie buffs who aren't really into channel surfing with the innovation of websites that offer a free movie download.

It doesn't matter if you're into action-adventure, horror, romantic comedies, or sappy tearjerkers, with websites offering a free movie download, you can enjoy your most favorite movies anytime, in the comfort of your home.

Watching free movie download movies at home is fun and relaxing. Free movie download websites are incredibly convenient. Instead of watching the clock and making sure you're at the movie theater to stand in line before show time or getting to the movie rental store before it closes just to find they don't have the movie you want to see, free movie download websites allow movie watchers to simply go online and choose a movie. Just imagine - no more paying late fees or rushing to the rental store to return your movie to avoid those late fees.

The only problem with free movie download websites is that you must choose the right website. Stay away from P2P and file sharing websites for your free movie download. These types of sites are notorious for downloading more than movies into your computer, including spyware, adware, and viruses.

The best websites for a free movie download are membership websites. With free movie download membership websites, you pay a one-time membership fee that allows you lifetime access to download unlimited movies free.

Most membership websites that offer a free movie download also offer music and game downloads in addition to free software that allows you to burn your downloads onto a CD or DVD. Burning your downloads makes them portable, where you can play or watch them anywhere instead of having to lug your computer around.

Many people worry that movies from a free movie download website are illegal or pirated. Membership websites offer high quality, legal and safe movie downloads. With a free movie download from a file sharing or P2P website, you may end up with pirated movies that are illegal. It's never good to have illegal files on your computer, so you can have some peace of mind with membership websites.

File sharing websites usually only offer a limited number of movies, while membership websites offer a wide catalog of titles in every different genre for a free movie download.

Membership websites also provide 24-hour customer service should you have any questions or encounter any problems with your free movie download. You are on your own with file sharing websites.

With membership websites that offer a free movie download, you can download free full-length movies anytime. Membership websites make starting your own entertainment collection of free movie download titles a breeze.

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Cory Blanchette and his associates have specialized in the download movies and download music for the past 5 years and has produced a site that exposes the techniques how to get your own movies and music.